Improve Customer Service Quality With These Two Ways

Usually, a company especially those engaged in service will have a useful customer service for their customers wherever they are. So, the 1300 Numbers also help you to always connect with customers wherever your customers are.

To improve the quality of customer service, there are some tips that you can follow, such as

1. Make sure that you appreciate and appreciate your employees because 54% of workers say they are likely to leave if they feel unappreciated. In order to provide a good service, then you must have satisfied employees and want to represent your company and products.

2. Find customers where they are, lower your costs and prevent your customers from waiting long queue calls by providing information to your customers along the way. Make sure also that your company’s number they go to can be contacted well and quickly.

Consider carefully before you buy an electric bike

Along with the development of the fast-growing era makes our lifestyle is increasing and more modern is no exception with the bike. As we know that the bike is a vehicle that is in great demand both for walking the streets, exercising and also other activities and you can adjust the bike to be used with your needs of course with the design and also the price of different bikes different. For example, if you are someone who likes to do mountain sport, then a mountain bike is the solution, if you enjoy doing freestyle by bike then a special bike jump is the right choice. Apart from that, perhaps you also need to check out the recommended escooter.

However, in this modern era, the bike is transformed into a more modern vehicle where you can ride a bike without having to pedal a bicycle because the bike is equipped with a battery, so you can at any time use the bike even when you feel lazy. The price of electric bikes today is still fairly expensive, therefore still a few people who use electric bikes. If you are interested to buy this electric bike, you should know and understand the weaknesses and advantages of electric bikes. Here we present some advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles that can help you before buying an electric bike.


Electric bikes do not have speed like a motorcycle in general, where electric bicycles only electrically fueled. In addition, the disadvantage of an electric bike is the time of charging the battery long enough just to be used in a few hours. Another disadvantage is, there are still a lot of special electric bike repair shop, so if the bike ride is damaged, then you will be quite difficult to overcome it. then, a weak battery resistance that will make you have to replace the battery for one to two years. And finally, the price of electric bicycle battery is still quite expensive.


You can use an electric bike without having to pedal. If its battery runs out then you can pedal a bike. Can bring more than one person and also many other advantages.