Grammar is very important for learning English

Language as a communication tool in the world certainly requires grammar to arrange word for word to have a certain meaning. In English, grammar is known as Grammar. Many people who are learning English admit that one of the biggest difficulties is when facing grammar. In fact, they consider English speaking easier than grammar. Even though it is true, inevitably we still need grammar as a rule to make good sentences. Imagine if you make a presentation with a good pronunciation and very confident, but your grammar is messy. It could be that the sentence after sentence that you spend has a different meaning when captured by the audience. In the meantime, perhaps you need to go to when you have to take the English exam for the UK visa applicants.

Grammar is known to be difficult because it has a myriad of rules. To be able to work on an English language test such as TOEFL, you must understand all the grammar concepts in English. Starting from knowing the types of words, sentences, clauses, phrases, to tenses. Yep, some parts of grammar that are important to master are the tenses. In many other languages, we do not distinguish between verbs that are carried out today, yesterday and tomorrow. However, when you speak English, you must pay attention to the time marker to determine the verb used. This is called tenses, which are verb forms to indicate the time of occurrence (now, past, or future).

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