Beginners must know how to hold their golf stick properly

How to hold a golf stick turns out to have an important role in the quality of a golfer’s punch. The technique of holding a good golf stick is considered capable of producing good golf games too. Although it has an important role, the technique of holding a golf club is often ignored by golfers. Meanwhile, you can go to if you’re looking for one of the best golf courses in Thailand.

As the only connection between golfer and golf clubs, holding a golf club can have an impact on the swing. The technique of holding the right stick is able to produce a solid and straight punch because the stick handle also controls the position of the impact field. There are at least three styles of holding golf clubs known to the golfer, but the holding technique is not much different.

The mistake often made by golfers when holding a golf club is to place a weak hand as a support or placed at the top. For the dominant right-hand golfer, this can be in the form of the left hand placed on the right hand or vice versa for the left-handed golfer causing a weak blow.