Good Way to Prepare Your Umrah or Hajj

Going to is one of the good ways to get the best service for your worship trip when it comes to Umrah or Hajj. Yes, you must have strong entention only to worship and fulfill the call of Allah. We never know what will happen in the Holy Land later. Forget other intentions such as wanting to show off Umrah photos in Mecca or want to get a Hajj degree to get a high degree in the community, focus your intentions just to worship sincerely.

Physical Preparation

So that all Hajj pillars can be carried out properly, make sure you also do some physical exercises such as morning and evening walking or jogging if possible. Also, do light exercise and maintain health to stay fit.

Science Preparation

Hajj rituals alone are not enough to equip us with the hajj sciences. Read the pocketbook provided by the Hajj agent well, also read some articles and verses of the Koran regarding the Hajj, so that all worship can be done with a high value.