Unstable Emotion and lack of sleep due to video games addiction

Admittedly playing the game is fun, but behind it, all if playing games excessively or in a very long time can cause various problems, whether mental, social, material or sociological problems. Therefore, be careful, if you play games too often, you will be addicted to the game, the money that should be used to buy filling food is diverted to playing games in the cafe, as a result, the stomach becomes hungry. Meanwhile, if you want to know how to get free coins on jackpot party casino app, just visit the Online Games is One Website.

Emotions Become Unstable

Some games that are too calming, contain elements of violence, and levels that are difficult to successfully complete, can trigger a person to become more emotional, and his actions will be more aggressive.

Playing the game for too long, especially the violent game that is difficult to win can trigger a high emotional sense.

Always losing at a level will create emotion, so it is not uncommon for the controller to float from his hand because he is so upset he is unable to win the game.

So playing games that are supposed to be having fun, it makes stress and despair.

Addiction to playing video games will cause special symptoms, namely making the contents of the mind filled with game sessions, as well as feeling anxious and irritable.

Sleep deprivation at night

Even though you are playing the game but pay attention to playing time, don’t play games until late at night, which has a very bad impact.

Lack of sleep or sleeping too late at night is a very serious problem because the impact is harmful to health and daily activities.

Sleep deprivation causes the concentration to weaken, where during sleep all the limbs will be rested. So staying up late causes the brain to continue working when it should be rested. The impact of concentration will decrease dramatically.

The decline in body condition in the form of the body becomes weak and not excited due to lack of sleep at night. Sleeping too late because of playing games and gadgets can trigger insomnia.

The very bad thing if you have the habit of playing games until the night is the risk of heart disease, diabetes, to cancer.