The aspects of SEO that you may need to know

Search Engine Optimization or commonly referred to as SEO is a way or trick that the website is ranked 1 or at least page 1 in search engines. The search engine here is Google. Why Google? Simple, because the search engine market has been controlled/monopolized by Google. Meanwhile, you may hire seo company nyc to get a satisfying SEO service.

Only a few countries, Google, is clumsy, Google is no other because of the country’s strict protection, say China and Russia. In China, Baidu is the number 1 search engine, while Yandex dominates in Russia.

As we know, the two countries are very anti-American. Because of that, they don’t want American products to enter their country.

The aspects of SEO

Of course, there are many aspects of SEO. However Google is still a machine, its name is also a search engine, right?

Of course, there are many aspects of Google’s assessment as a machine for improving websites. If you want to bribe Google to use Google Adwords, where your website with certain keywords will be displayed specifically on the sponsor page.

In general, there are 2 aspects of assessment in SEO, they’re the Off Page SEO & SEO On Page. What’s the difference? Is it just off and on? Both are very different, it’s easy if we optimize the On Page on the web, if we Off-Page optimization is outside the website.

Logically it’s like that if SEO On Page is like we are beautifying our store. We make it as attractive as possible, as large as possible, the items we sell are needed by people, cheap prices, etc.

The point is how to make visitors want to visit our store, now that is SEO On Page. So, we beautify our website, enriching the content, in this case, is the article. So that visitors feel at home on our website.

Well, if Off-Page SEO is like that outside the store. Suppose that is the marketing department, which distributes brochures, or others. The point is how to get our store promoted by others.

In this case, we call Off Page SEO, which in essence is Off Page SEO is a way for our web to get backlinks. Backlink? What else?