The sturdy building materials that you need to know

With the occurrence of collapsed buildings, it should make us and the government more careful when choosing building materials that are right for your home or office. Therefore, we will share tips with you about building materials that are strong and sturdy for the construction of your building. Aside from that, you might also want to check out the recommended fix slab foundation service near you.


Of course, we all know well this building material. For a long time, the wall materials made from burned clay are used to build a residence or office.

But with the development of the age of this wall-making material began to be abandoned. Its popularity is being replaced by gypsum and bamboo, which are relatively cheaper. Even so, the brick still excels in terms of its durability.

Clay / mud

Unlike brick, wall material that also comes from this soil is not treated at all. Usually used as a mixture of ingredients mixed with PC, red cement or lime. Later all of this material will become an adhesive material that will be mixed with sand.


To give a natural impression of the room, you can use natural stone wall material. Besides giving a natural impression, natural stone is a wall material that can be used for finishing your building.

Although stiff and heavy, the stone is a solid building material that can provide maximum protection. The natural stone itself consists of various types and can be used according to the needs of your room.

Steel bar

Sturdy and strong are the main properties of this material. Besides that, the advantages of other concrete iron are strong resistance to water and fire. This is what makes this material a choice for many people when building a building.

Even so, concrete iron also has drawbacks that must be considered, such as the need for long installation times. In addition, maximum control is needed for the pouring process and maintenance


Cement materials usually function as adhesives and are often used when making foundations, building walls, plastering and also for other home works. Choose good and quality cement so that the walls of the building are not easily cracked.