These Are Two Great Venues For The Asian Games In Palembang

As a sports event that indeed displays many types of sports from various countries, the Asian Games must be well prepared by the host. This year, Indonesia has the opportunity to host the Asian Games. You can read the article at Venue ASIAN Games 2018 to find out more about the Asian Games.

As is known that this year’s Asian Games were held in two different cities, Jakarta and Palembang. In Palembang, it turned out that there were two magnificent venues that had been built specifically for the Asian Games.

– Bowling Center JSC
Apparently, Palembang has one of the best bowling centers in the world. The Bowling Center Building in Jakabaring Sport City which was built by Pertamina has international certification and is equipped with the latest technology from the American Machine and Foundry.

– Shooting Range JSC
JSC Shooting Range in Palembang is the location of the 2018 Asian Games which is touted as the best shooting range in Indonesia. For the schedule, the 2018 Asian Games shooting match will be held in this arena on August 19-28 2018.