This One Point Can Make Your Visa Application Denied

As one of the countries that are the destination of many tourists, the UK does apply the visa rules for those of you who want to go there. In fact, for some visas, you must take the English test first. You can visit the website to be able to take the English test.

Unfortunately, the visa application may be refused due to several points. One of the points is because it failed to show the itinerary for the trip.
This point is one of the most important, especially for applying for visas in Schengen countries. Why? Because your itinerary determines where you should apply for a visa; in the first country you landed or in the country that you will stay the longest. If you cannot show a complete travel itinerary, it is likely that your Schengen visa will be refused.
Write down the details of your trip plan, such as: where you will be in the city every day, where you will stay, and what transportation you will use if you move from one city to another.

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